A startup with a great idea and an initial technology platform, but without a clear target market.  They needed to find product/market fit to develop their marketing and determine future product enhancements.
Understanding their platform unique value proposition vs. competitors

    • Identifying their business strengths
    • Analyzing potential client segments
    • Honing their overall¬†messaging and product positioning
    • Enhancing the user experienceCollaborative strategy sessions helped the co-founders to clarify their business focus on the following areas:
    • Thinking through initial trial offers to solicit user feedback from businesses and members

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in their words
“Our strategy session with Launch Warrior was worth millions in helping us with our value proposition. The session was informative, to the point, and helped us to re-focus on key elements in our brand.”

Laurent Delly / Price-Mars Delly, Co-Founders, IdeaCoil

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