allison lebrun, permission to play

  • Concerned about decline in business and knew that something was wrong, but was unable to pinpoint the source.
  • She was feeling a lot of unjustified anger and fear in feeling that her business was crumbling.
  • Work together on deeper personal work to address her emotions and fears.
  • Create a safe space for her to fully express her rage and have “an experience of being fully seen with compassion, heard with non-judgement, and free to move my body in any way.”
  • She was able to express frustration around feelings that were energetically pulling her down.
  • Additional work focused on business positioning to uncover new possibilities.

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in their words
Working with Lenore gave me the experience of being fully seen with compassion and heard with non-judgement.

I got to connect to my true self-expression in my business, which I was holding back, and hiding. I left excited and lit up to create some new offerings.

I had new branding words, service ideas, and clarity about my new mission.

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