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Targeted coaching sessions that address clearly defined objectives.
– Overcome business / personal challenges
– Develop vision and goals
– Decision-making action plans
– Cultivate leadership skills

– Career transition and work
– Business re-positioning and branding
– Leadership mindset
– Address limiting beliefs


Leadership development and empowerment program.
– Create powerful changes
– Develop a positive mindset
– Identify your values and strengths
– Find your sweet spot and take action

– Intention, goal setting and affirmations
– Vision, values and action plans
– Plan and track progress over time
– Prioritize life/work balance
– Complimentary Leadership workshops


Intensive growth, impact and leadership development.
– VIP goal-setting day results
– Create life/work design
– Values, strengths and style
– Ongoing action planning and support

– Positive beliefs and personalized affirmations
– Focus, intentional goal setting
– In person action plans
– Cultivate leadership mindset
– Complimentary Leadership workshops

the alchemy process

We guide you through the inner, outer and interpersonal work needed to create what you desire and be in flow through gaining clarity on the key elements to help you grow. Understand what motivates you and step into your power. Learn to fully express yourself and build supportive relationships. Create the right processes to feel confident, successful and achieve results.

Are you a Company instead of an Individual?

We helps leaders, executives and teams to create the growth needed to transform their organizations.

client case studies

We support a wide range of business owners, founders and professionals at every stage of their personal development through support and empowerment to find their own path. Lenore offers both deep business expertise from her experience as a marketing and launch expert and also provides a safe space to do deep inner healing work that prevents true growth and leadership. Lenore will hold the highest vision for what you want to create, while holding you accountable to create the change you desire in a way that feels good for you.

what clients say

Our strategy session with Launch Warrior was worth millions in helping us with our value proposition. The session was informative, to the point, and helped us to re-focus on key elements in our brand.

Laurent Delly / Price-Mars Delly, Co-Founders, IdeaCoil

Having attended the workshop, I learned that it’s a challenge to understand each other, however with training such as this, the workspace can be improved. The exercises were refreshing and provided a unique perspective. Lenore helped me define my business offering and how to speak about it with others.


Business Founder and Workshop Participant

I got to connect to my true self-expression in my business…. I left excited and lit up to create some new offerings. Lenore merges together deep healing, and laser brand coaching for the passion-driven entrepreneur. I left excited and lit up to create some new offerings. I had new branding words, service ideas, and clarity about my new mission which was trying to birth out of me but needed the expert listening and tending to of an experienced coach.

Allison LeBrun

During my first session with Lenore, she helped me clarify how my multiple offerings can work together to leverage my time and energy to increase my revenue. She also helped me develop new ideas for expanding my network and visibility…. Lenore’s ability to make a meaningful impact on your business in just 1-2 hours is remarkable.

Jean Bromage

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