Maximize the power of your most important resource – your team

Driving growth for your organization or business depends on having the right strategy in place and executing it effectively. Then relying on your team to do great work to achieve your goals. For smaller organizations with 20 people or less, getting everyone on the same page may be as simple as gathering everyone in a room to review plans. As organizations scale, use virtual resources or become more distributed across multiple locations, the communication dynamics change. It can be more challenging for larger businesses and high growth companies to ensure everyone is fully aligned with the long and short-term goals of your business, particularly as your offerings expand, become more complex, you add more clients and new staff join.  Managing through this internal growth process is critical to achieving your revenue targets.

How to fully unleash your team’s power to develop and execute your business strategy? 

A quick acid test for alignment is to ask people to tell you what they view as the corporate vision and top strategic goal. In fact, regularly checking in with people throughout the organization at different levels can provide incredible insight. If you don’t get the same responses, you may need processes that reinforce your key messages and ensure your priorities are clear.  This is where effective strategic team meetings can make a difference.

Regularly review strategy to align your organization quickly.

Holding consistent business review meetings, corporate offsites or town halls can be a powerful way to have everyone in the same place to ensure that all key staff (and everyone in the company) know what is needed to hit your revenue targets and realize your critical growth objectives. Multiple communication channels can be an effective way to regularly share information and reinforce behaviors to further support your efforts. As a former marketing and communications executive, I can tell you that people may need to hear the same messages multiple times across different mediums (email, intranet, webinars, one-on-one meetings….). Since people assimilate information in different ways, nothing will drive awareness faster than getting everyone together at one time, whether face-to-face in person or virtually. This can be a key to helping your organization move quickly to innovate and effectively respond to changes.

Why team alignment matters 

While leaders often hold the big vision, the rest of an organization must bring this to life – from developing product offerings to bringing in new business, dealing with client requirements and managing daily operations. Having engaged team members who actively contribute to strategy development and execution is an effective way to ensure your business has an edge.  Highly involved staff are likely to be more innovative, share feedback on what is or isn’t working, identify potential challenges and new opportunities that may be available.  While individual contributors, like top salespeople bringing in new clients and revenues, certainly impact organizational success – solo performers alone can’t scale an entire business. Even the most brilliant leaders can benefit from sounding boards to help address all the elements needed to implement important changes.

Harnessing the expertise and power of your full organization provides more leverage.

What processes are in place to regularly gather insights that informs your business decision-making? Data and analytics alone may not always reveal qualitative aspects of your business and market dynamics.  Are you regularly gathering insights from your senior leaders and incorporating knowledge from your operating staff?  Effective internal team communications can bring diverse perspectives together to better inform how you operate. 


Regular corporate strategy sessions or business offsites let you quickly mobilize your team around these goals.  Agile and scrum methodologies have taken off because they increase collaboration and speed time to market because of transparency and focus on customer needs. Consider applying similar principles to ensure your team knows and acts upon its top priorities.  Aligning your business around your key outcomes is a powerful way to accelerate growth and maximize resources. Holding more effective team meetings will make better use of limited time, enhance teamwork, inspire new product ideas and improve business processes.

How to drive growth more efficiently

Regular ongoing communication will ensure that everyone on your team is focused on your critical priorities. Organizations that focus mainly on execution, can under-prioritize strategy relegating it to once a year “planning session”.  Clearly too much time spent planning vs. doing can cause opportunities to pass by, so how to find the right balance?  Establish consistent communications processes that have clear goals that drive alignment around defined metrics to empower everyone to execute.  As a result, engaged staff will work harder, stay longer and contribute more meaningfully to your growth. Maximizing limited resources of time, money and staff, can make the difference between success and failure

To ensure that your next organizational team meeting is focused on your key goals, consider outside facilitation and communications support to ensure your desired outcomes are prioritized, there is an effective process in place for everyone’s voices to be heard and action plans that help you stay on track to deliver on your most critical priorities.  Learn more about which business areas support team alignment here and how to structure more effective organizational alignment here.

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