• Seeking executive leadership role to leverage her expertise
  • Wanted a company, role and industry that aligned with her personal values, goals and vision 
  • Assess future career goals and plans
  • Identify clear vision and values as framework and filter for future decision-making
  • Cultivate a positive mindset and outreach strategies to build relationships and identify new opportunities
  • Build her positioning, professional brand messaging, LinkedIn and talking points
  • Navigate and assess new opportunities to find the best fit, particularly assessing a complete change in industries and roles

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in their words
Working with Lenore gave me the experience of being fully seen with compassion and heard with non-judgement.

I got to connect to my true self-expression in my business, which I was holding back, and hiding. I left excited and lit up to create some new offerings.

I had new branding words, service ideas, and clarity about my new mission.

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