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Are you ready to earn more money and build a future doing something you love?  If you want to pursue your passion, create more alignment with your values and create more flexibility and independence in your life, a side hustle can help you transition into something new,  Whether you are want to transform a hobby into a profession or pursue something that can give you more fulfillment and income, now is a perfect time to get going. 

Join this 2-month group coaching program to start your side hustle with the support of a master coach.  Lenore Kantor, a launch expert and growth consultant, will guide you through the steps needed to make it happen – from marketing to mindset, sales to services, clients and social media.  You will learn how to market yourself and your ideas through a combination of private and group coaching.

If you have been struggling to move forward with your idea, or are afraid to start and take action if it’s not perfect, I can help you GET THE SUPPORT YOU NEED to move through your fears and resistance, take thoughtful action and MAKE IT HAPPEN!


  • Strategic coaching and support that helps you focus with clarity on your action plans
  • Sales, marketing and social media guidance to build and promote your new business and services
  • Peer community and group accountability to achieve your vision with input
  • Positive mindset and results-oriented approach to build momentum
  • Helpful tools, frameworks and input on decisions to help you work smarter, not harder
  • Weekly calls to make progress and learn the key elements to build your business

WHAT does thIS program INCLUDE?


  • 2 private 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Lenore (30 minutes each)
  • 6 weekly group coaching workshops (90-minute recorded sessions)
  • Dedicated private Facebook group for support and accountability.
  • Access to ready-made resources and worksheets to move faster


  • Mindset and self-management tools to increase your confidence
  • Guidance on sales and marketing strategy, planning and outreach
  • Group connection for peer input and ongoing support

PROGRAM details


Lenore will review your goals and help you develop your action plan and strategy so you are focused on the right opportunities.  An initial kick-off call will help ensure that you have a clear vision and game plan to make progress over the 2 month program.  You can hold your second coaching session at any time when you need support and clarity around your side hustle launch strategy


6 virtual calls over 2 months support you in taking the steps needed to launch your side hustle. We will help you clarify your vision, explore how to take action and develop your overall branding, sales and marketing strategy.  As you set clear goals, you will define your priorities and clear any roadblocks out of the way so you can make progress and move forward with ease.  Weekly calls support your progress and accountability, reducing feelings of overwhelm by helping you focus on the key tasks, so you know your are taking the right actions. In addition, you will be supported in cultivating a positive mindset to uncover and address any unhelpful behaviors that may be holding you back.  

Guided and facilitated discussions make the most of your time, while support from the group provides additional input and answers to your questions as you share and learn from others, so you can make faster decisions with confidence. You will FEEL MORE EASE knowing you are focused on the MOST IMPORTANT PRIORITIES TO LAUNCH SUCCESSFULLY.  


You won’t be alone – you’ll have access to an exclusive Facebook group. Benefit from the resources and feedback from other group members and peers who are going through similar challenges.  

  • Ongoing support and sounding board by regularly sharing progress updates on your action plans and posting updates will help you get clarity.  
  • Share questions and receive feedback from Lenore and the group on challenges that arise, so you can continue moving forward and stay on track with your goals.


INNER work

  • Vision and Values: Creating a business you love that is in alignment with what you care about will keep you inspired..
  • Strengths and Preferences: Focus on your expertise and how you want to work to be most successful and motivated. 
  • Mindset Mastery and Positivity: Develop the right attitude for managing challenges and uncertainty to stay the course.

OUTER work

  • Branding and Marketing: Define the key elements of how you will promote your business ..
  • Services and Offerings: Determine how you will adapt your business model to the current environment to be most successful.
  • Packages and Pricing: Develop your offerings to meet your revenue targets and customer requirements.


  • Client Focus: Choose the right audience and customers to target your services towards a dedicated niche that makes sense..
  • Business Messaging and Elevator Pitch: Explain your value proposition and effectively communicate your unique differentiators.. 
  • Sales Outreach and Social Media Plans: Find the right channels to build your community and promote your business..

Each group call will address different aspects of your mindset (INNER), actions (OUTER) and network (INTERPERSONAL), to help you build the right framework for growth.  .  FOCUSING ON THE RIGHT ACTIVITIES will help you to establish a solid foundation for your business, while a positive attitude will CREATE MOMENTUM.  Identify and address unhelpful behaviors that may be holding you back with the group’s support to MOVE FORWARD WITH CONFIDENCE.


You will receive tools and resources designed by Lenore to support you in running your business better and maintaining a positive mindset.  These have been developed from years of experience and are used by clients, at workshops and in my own business. You could figure this out on your own and do it the hard way, but make your life easier – use these to find what works for YOU! 


 6 calls, Fridays at 12-1:30 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time):  June 12  *  June 19  *  June 26  *  July 10  *  July 17  *  July 24

 All Zoom video calls will be recorded for reference if you are unable to attend a session.


 $795 (Valued at $3,250) or 2 payments of $425


 Space is limited. All participants are interviewed in advance to understand their goals and ensure the program is a good fit.  

About leNORE

Lenore Kantor is a warrior for growth. She is fiercely compassionate about helping clients to accelerate their growth and thrive amidst change. She works with CEOs, founders, business owners and executive teams to create innovative, market-leading companies. As a master strategist, branding expert and business advisor, Lenore knows what it takes to build successful high-growth businesses, develop brand leadership, increase sales, attract and retain talent, and satisfy investors. As an executive coach trained in profound inner-work modalities, she supports you and your organization to embrace change, develop leadership capacities and maximize your growth.

Lenore combines 20+ years of executive marketing and global product management experience at leading financial and technology organizations (successfully launched 100+ products and managed marketing and communications for two publicly traded companies, 10 mergers and acquisitions and an IPO) with extensive mentoring of founders across multiple business sectors and stages of growth.  She combines a business background from Columbia Business School with training in design thinking and coaching across multiple certifications.  Mostly she is committed to helping you realize your goals, so you can make the impact you desire.

hear from group members

“This coaching group has helped me sharpen my focus in the midst of many time-sensitive priorities, including outlining processes that enable me to be even more productive.  I really appreciate the hands-on structure that Lenore provides, including the templates and frameworks that are useful tools for planning, as well as the opportunity for each of us to share our own situations and top-of-mind challenges.  It’s helpful to hear feedback from Lenore and other group members, as well as to share my thoughts and suggestions with others. Since the group members tend to be in different career arenas, the lenses we each offer enable us all to benefit from listening to and talking about relevant business topics that cut across the various arenas.
In addition, Lenore’s expert insight and guidance around messaging have been invaluable.  And it helps me to know that I have her input on key business issues, through her skillful questions and wealth of experience, as a great resource for my own decision-making process.  She provides valuable perspective and expertise in an honest, kind, confidential, and constructive way.  I highly recommend her as an excellent business advisor and coach to other founders who are looking for wise counsel.”  
Kirsten Hund-Blair, Co-founder and CEO, Lambent Data, Inc.
what clients say
“Lenore succeeded in creating a safe, empowering, galvanising coaching environment. She is generous in her support and delivery. I have been part of the group coaching and the one-on-ones as well.  Both have been instrumental in my progress. We started with a private call to set the vision for the next 3 months. Lenore didn’t hesitate to connect me with key experts from her rich network. The group setting helped me stay on track with my next steps and learn from others’ successes, but most importantly it helped me realize that we all go through similar challenges. It helped me take the pressure off and eventually be more productive.
Thanks a lot, Lenore, I’m truly glad I got to work with you!”
S.S.  Business Consultant
“I got a lot of value from working with Lenore. I liked the feedback and unique angles she provided and the consistency of the program was very helpful. Since I have a creative mind, I can go off on tangents and the Warriors Forum structure gave me useful feedback on the steps that I have taken.  I also really liked the calls – I was inspired by the other members of the group who had different businesses from me, but gave me good ideas that I could learn from.” 

Jacques Burgering
Intuitive Healer and Shamanic Practitioner

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