warriors FORUM

3 Month Group Mastermind Coaching Program 

for leaders to make progress on their most important goals


A 3-month coaching program and mastermind group to help you achieve your most important priorities and objectives with the support of a master coach.


  • Clarity around action plans to accomplish your critical projects and address your challenges 
  • Progress in achieving your vision with input and accountability 
  • Positive mindset and results-oriented approach to build momentum
  • Helpful tools, worksheets and structured frameworks to make you work smarter, not harder
  • Safe space to take risks, get feedback and explore new approaches


Warriors Forum IS FOR YOU if you:

  • Are committed to your business and professional growth
  • Are serious about making progress on your goals 
  • Want support and accountability to follow through
  • Want to learn how to lead more authentically, and. . .
  • Are ready to see results from taking action.

Warriors Forum is a GREAT FIT FOR:

  • Founders and Solopreneurs seeking clarity on their action plans 
  • Business owners looking for input and perspective from a community of peers 
  • Professionals looking to make changes with support
  • Access to ready-made resources to move faster
  • Leaders needing a positive mindset to achieve your big goals




Bi-monthly calls support you in addressing your business and professional challenges.  In these calls, we will help you set your goals, define your priorities and clear your roadblocks out of the way so you can get sh*t done.  We will ease the overwhelm and help you focus on the key tasks, so you can know your are taking the right actions. Every month, we also help you cultivate a positive mindset to uncover and address limiting beliefs and unhelpful behaviors that may be holding you back.  

Facilitated discussions and support from the group will help you get answers to your questions, so you can make faster decisions with confidence. 

You will feel more ease knowing you are focused on the most important priorities to move forward on whatever is most important for you to grow and lead effectively.  


Participating in a group consistently is a powerful way to commit to goals and learn from other perspectives, in addition to receiving support.  The forum will help keep you focused on your big priorities, as you take action on your most important tasks and address any issues that come up which may be holding you back. 

On a weekly basis, you will be invited to:

  • Set priorities based on your most important monthly and quarterly goal
  • Share your progress
  • Acknowledge your wins

You will receive support for how to address your challenges and shift your mindset, so you can be more effective.  The group will be your sounding board to help you get clear on what you want to accomplish.  Imagine what you will achieve with clarity, focus and a sense of purpose!


Join exclusive  in-person and virtual monthly events hosted by Lenore.  Receive guest invitations to Leadership Salons and informal networking drop-ins. Opportunities will be available to meet other founders and business owners to build relationships in real life at Primary (26 Broadway, New York, NY  10004).


You won’t be alone – you’ll have access to an exclusive Facebook group.

  • Weekly accountability from regularly sharing your progress on your goals and posting updates 
  • Accountability partners in the group provide input and helpful additional perspective to keep you moving forward to stay on track with everything you’re doing. 
  • Daily updates for group members to support each other, share status, ask questions and post resources.  Got questions about some business challenge? Need a sounding board or pep talk now and then? Come into the Facebook group and share your questions with the group – we are here to support each other! 


Each month, we will address your mindset (inner work), help you take action (outer work) and build your network and support relationships (interpersonal work). By addressing all these elements, you will make more effective progress in your business growth.  Focusing on the right activities will help you to implement practical solutions and keeping a positive attitude will build your momentum.  By uncovering and addressing any unproductive thoughts, emotions and behaviors that may be holding you back from your goals, you will become more effective and feel more confident.  


You will receive tools and resources designed by Lenore to support you in running your business better and maintaining a positive mindset.  These have been developed from years of experience and are used by clients, at workshops and in my own business. You could figure this out on your own and do it the hard way, but make your life easier – use these to find what works for YOU! 


2 monthly calls, Tuesdays at 9-10:30 AM EST (Eastern Standard Time):  October 8  |  October 22  |  November 12  |  November 26  |  December 3  |  December 17

All Zoom video calls will be recorded for reference if you are unable to attend a session.


$600 one-time payment (Valued at $1,250)

SPECIAL GIFT:  Receive a 30-minute coaching call with Lenore ($125 value) to get more input on your guidance around your priorities.



Space is limited. All participants are interviewed in advance to understand their business, priorities and objectives and ensure that the program is a good fit with your goals and desired outcomes.  

About leNORE

Lenore Kantor is a warrior for growth. She is fiercely compassionate about helping clients to accelerate their growth and thrive amidst change. She works with CEOs, founders, business owners and executive teams to create innovative, market-leading companies. As a master strategist, branding expert and business advisor, Lenore knows what it takes to build successful high-growth businesses, develop brand leadership, increase sales, attract and retain talent, and satisfy investors. As an executive coach trained in profound inner-work modalities, she supports you and your organization to embrace change, develop leadership capacities and maximize your growth.

Lenore combines 20+ years of executive marketing and global product management experience at leading financial and technology organizations (successfully launched 100+ products and managed marketing and communications for two publicly traded companies, 10 mergers and acquisitions and an IPO) with extensive mentoring of founders across multiple business sectors and stages of growth.  She combines a business background from Columbia Business School with training in design thinking and coaching across multiple certifications.  Mostly she is committed to helping you realize your goals, so you can make the impact you desire.

hear from members

“The Warriors Forum has helped me sharpen my focus in the midst of many time-sensitive priorities, including outlining processes that enable me to be even more productive.  I really appreciate the hands-on structure that Lenore provides, including the templates and frameworks that are useful tools for planning, as well as the opportunity for each of us to share our own situations and top-of-mind challenges.  It’s indeed helpful to hear feedback from Lenore and other group members, as well as to share my thoughts and suggestions with others. Since the group members tend to be in different career arenas, the lenses we each offer enable us all to benefit from listening to and talking about relevant business topics that cut across the various arenas.
In addition, Lenore’s expert insight and guidance around messaging have been invaluable.  And it helps me to know that I have her input on key business issues, through her skillful questions and wealth of experience, as a great resource for my own decision-making process.  She provides valuable perspective and expertise in an honest, kind, confidential, and constructive way.  I highly recommend her as an excellent business advisor and coach to other founders who are looking for wise counsel.”  
Kirsten Hund-Blair, Co-founder and CEO, Lambent Data, Inc.
what clients say
“Lenore succeeded in creating a safe, empowering, galvanising coaching environment. She is generous in her support and delivery. I have been part of the group coaching and the one-on-ones as well.  Both have been instrumental in my progress. We started with a private call to set the vision for the next 3 months. Lenore didn’t hesitate to connect me with key experts from her rich network. The group setting helped me stay on track with my next steps and learn from others’ successes, but most importantly it helped me realize that we all go through similar challenges. It helped me take the pressure off and eventually be more productive.
Thanks a lot, Lenore, I’m truly glad I got to work with you!”
S.S.  Business Consultant
“I got a lot of value from working with Lenore. I liked the feedback and unique angles she provided and the consistency of the program was very helpful. Since I have a creative mind, I can go off on tangents and the Warriors Forum structure gave me useful feedback on the steps that I have taken.  I also really liked the calls – I was inspired by the other members of the group who had different businesses from me, but gave me good ideas that I could learn from.” 

Jacques Burgering
Intuitive Healer and Shamanic Practitioner

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