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Lenore Kantor regularly speaks about business growth, leadership, innovation and change at various events, industry panels and workshops. Learn more about where to find us below. See Lenore’s background here or visit our Facebook page.

Building a Brand that is You

building a brand that is you For many, branding is a loaded word and not always a positive one.  Why would we need to have our own brand?  Well the truth is that we have one whether we want it or not. Our brand is the way people perceive us.  How others experience...

Changing The Game – 6 Questions to Ask

Changing The Game – 6 Questions to Ask So, you realize it’s time for a change, now what?  Thinking through the following questions can help you get clarity about where you want to go and what you need to do to get there. Why do you want a change? Identify what...

Creating an Innovative Culture

Creating an Innovative Culture How can we be more innovative and why does it matter?  Innovative companies are focused on client needs and able to respond more quickly to market changes.  Innovation and change are closely related to growth and expansion, which...

Structuring Partnerships for Success

Structuring Partnerships for Success I recently spoke at a Financial Innovation Summit on a panel about Using Partnerships with Technology Platforms to Offer Additional Services.  Here are some highlights from that talk for you to keep in mind as you look to leverage...

Why Boundaries Matter

Why Boundaries Matter We recently led a Balance & Boundaries workshop that was a powerful experience in learning to connect with what matters most and speaking one’s truth.  The biggest lesson is that creating balance and having healthy interpersonal relationships...

10 Questions to Make the Right Hire

10 Questions to Make the Right Hire I recently led a Founder’s Leadership Roundtable at Galvanize to discuss and brainstorm solutions to the challenges that startups regularly face. The business mix was across industries – cybersecurity, enterprise solutions, sports...

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