How to make your career change easy?

Simple Career Switching

I know this magical exercise where you close your eyes, click your heels together 3 times and say out loud: “I want a new career. I want a new career. I want a new career.”  If you just wish hard enough, your ideal job offer will appear seemingly out of thin air.

April Fool’s Day!  The ruby slippers may have worked for Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, but changing careers is not as simple as wishing it were so. That and Mercury is retrograde for most of this month, so that’s always likely to be a wrinkle in the time-space continuum.  Switching from what you’re doing now to something completely different is not impossible, but it’s unlikely to be a layup. Change takes time, effort and intention. And while I totally vibe with Glinda the Good Witch, my advice is a little more practical.

There are 5 critical steps to make a successful pivot in your career, which I’ve outlined in the Career Change Playbook graphic below.  If you recognize that making a significant switch is a long game, and are committed to making the change, then it will happen. It starts by clarifying your focus. Now to be clear, you don’t need to know exactly what you want to do, but you need to start somewhere. Pick what interests you the most and follow your passion.

Once you’ve identified 1 or 2 potential areas, go all in to do your homework and understand what they entail. Learn about the job, industry, companies and business challenges. Information is your friend here. The more you know, the more easily you will be able to transition to your new field as you release your old identity and step into a new frame. As you do research, you will build your network, learn the lingo and understand what relevant skills are needed.  You then need to translate your experience into new messaging that repositions yourself effectively and start to uncover hidden opportunities that can leverage your background.


Most career switches don’t happen by applying to job postings on LinkedIn. Not that it’s impossible to get a job that way, but it is more than likely you will find opportunities through connections.  You also may need to take a stepping stone approach by moving laterally into an area related to your existing skillset and then from there into something that is more aligned with exactly what you want. And this can take time.

Did I mention that it’s a journey?  You are discovering how to move into a completely new area by uncovering your strengths, interests and the best possible career fit for you. Building your knowledge will help you also develop your confidence. This is one of the most critical elements needed – to believe in yourself. If you can’t see yourself in a new capacity then it’s unlikely others will either. Your goal is to create a compelling story about how your unique background translates into this new work and the unique value that you can bring.

You may need some additional training, but mostly this about awareness and understanding the challenges you will be facing (having to convince others about why you’re a fit) and your ability to address their challenges (demonstrating how you can contribute and make a positive impact).  You need to see yourself in your new field and be able to connect with those you want to work with and for.

You can do this!

Making a significant change is possible and I’m always happy to celebrate my clients who have moved into work they love. A former journalist became a PR executive. A real estate agent became an entrepreneur running a business he’s excited to grow. A project manager became a research analyst.  A financial salesperson became a wellness coach. These are just a few of the successful transitions I’ve seen. The changes didn’t happen overnight, but with commitment, clarity and confidence, these clients were able to move into more fulfilling work aligned with their values.

Want some support to make that change you’ve always dreamed of? Let’s explore what’s needed to shift into greater possibilities Schedule a Discovery Call to explore your goals here.  Best wishes for the spring season.

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