Transformational Coach


Change doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the result of setting a focused vision and adapting over time to what arises. Sometimes we have to react to new information or unexpected outcomes. By developing a growth mindset, learning self-management strategies and advocating for ourselves, we can move forward with more confidence and ease. My goal is to guide clients on the journey to find their inner strength and wisdom, to trust their own knowledge and move from uncertainty to possibility. My mission is to support your ability to achieve your highest vision, so you can live your soul’s purpose.


Transformational, holistic and intuitive approaches combine with business and marketing strategy


Take action on clearly defined goals

  • Get clarity on business/career decisions
  • Marketing, messaging, and positioning
  • Personal and/or business branding
  • Address challenges and develop plans to take immediate action


Build confidence & empowerment

  • Leadership development
  • Communication and presence
  • Career growth and professional branding
  • Accountability, practice and action plans
  • Ongoing support for your growth over time


Intentional Evolution / Business Illumination

  • Intuitive insight on current challenges
  • Spiritual guidance and clarity to move forward
  • Soul journey discovery process
  • Uncover your truth to follow your inner wisdom


Modern feng shui alignment

  • Optimize your work and home environment
  • Change your life through your space
  • Create a new story and learn personal practices
  • Virtual space review and recommendations


Focus on what matters

Let’s clarify your purpose, then identify your ideal target markets and key stakeholders and partners. With a thoughtfully crafted value proposition, you will effectively communicate your unique essence. By pulling it altogether into a smart and actionable plan based on your goals and resources, you will achieve real results.

Work with us on your motivation, mission, message, marketing and manifestation. We support any and all of these elements to help you make the impact you desire.

A circle with the words " make an authentic impact ".


“Lenore was instrumental in helping me see what to let go of in order to make room for new opportunities.”

>> Helaine M (Financial Advisor, Leader)

“Lenore helped me live by my values. She was able to bring light to my strengths, values, and story.”

>> Hannah Marion (Emerging Leader)

“The time I spent with Lenore was invaluable and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with her.”

>> Jean Bromage (Founder)

Let’s connect

Let’s explore your big vision together. We will review your goals, challenges, opportunities and how I can support you to decide if there’s a fit.