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Appearances Can be Deceiving

Pay attention to the substance. Reality trumps fantasy every time. * * * * * Noticing takes time I recently moved into a new house. Everything looked great when we initially visited however living [...]

Is it Time for a Change?

Start by looking at your perspective * * * * * So you want to change? Change is an interesting thing. We think we want things to be different, but then we actually get freaked [...]

Reframing Quiet Quitting

AKA Setting boundaries * * * * * How and when to quit? There’s been a lot of chatter about “Quiet Quitting” in the TikTokisphere. If you haven’t heard, this is a trend to cutting [...]

When you want to run away

Did you ever want to run away? While I was mostly a good girl as a kid, I do remember one time that I seriously considered packing my bags, telling my parents to f*ck off [...]

Leaving it all Behind

How does it feel to just let go? You don’t need to sell your soul or get crushed by the corporate grind. Some ideas for making a change * * * * * Can you [...]

Liberation is Possible

5 keys for taking the leap into the unknown to start your own business. * * * * * Do it your way! Many people wonder whether they can go out on their own. What [...]

Playing the Long Game Takes Time

How to position yourself for growth and navigate making a change. * * * * * How to position yourself? There comes a time when we all discover that aspects of our work just aren’t [...]

No worries, Stop Whingeing

When we complain and become impatient, our energy works against us. Gratitude helps us shift our story and our mindset. * * * * * What are you worried about? Having spent a bit of [...]

What are you attached to?

Are you letting what you’re attached to define who you are to your disadvantage? * * * * * Do our attachments define us? Ok, so this is sort of embarrassing to share, but I [...]

When Opportunity Knocks, Do You answer?

How do you respond to new possibilities? Do you notice the signs and invitations to change? How can you say yes to what’s calling you? * * * * * Knock, Knock.  Who’s there? Knocks [...]

Reflecting on Happiness

We can pursue happiness with intention. Here are some thoughts on how to raise your happiness set point. * * * * * Happiness is a thing! In addition to the traditional self-help industry, happiness [...]

The Zombie Apocalypse

Understanding our dreams can reveal powerful insights about how our fears are catching up with us. * * * * * Symbols and Dreams I’m a pretty active dreamer and on good days I remember [...]

New Places and Possibilities

Getting away can give us a new perspective and opportunity to reflect on how we have changed or may need to change to develop new ways of looking at the world. * * * * [...]

3 Tips to a Stress-less Transition

Managing personal or professional transitions is stressful! Here are 3 suggestions to manage a job search, career move or other big change with greater ease, so you can make progress and stay focused.

Building a Brand that is You

For many, branding is a loaded word and not always a positive one. Why would we need to have our own brand? Well the truth is that we have one whether we [...]

Why Boundaries Matter

We recently led a Balance & Boundaries workshop that was a powerful experience in learning to connect with what matters most and speaking one's truth. The biggest lesson is that creating [...]

Aligning Your Values and Actions

Increasingly individuals are seeking authenticity and deeper connection they want to align their values with their actions. Can your head follow your heart, instead of ruling over it? How can we [...]

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