3 Tips to a Stress-less Transition

Managing personal or professional transitions is stressful! Here are 3 suggestions to manage a job search, career move or other big change with greater ease, so you can make progress and stay focused.

Lenore’s Media Coverage

On goal-setting for The Cru, women’s newsletter (10/22/18) VIEW Questions to ask yourself when you are considering a change. Article published on Medium by Ellevate Network. VIEW Ellevate Member spotlight [...]

Valuing Leadership

How do we define a good leader or great leadership? I believe we assess leadership based on our values and good leaders exemplify the values that we believe in. This also raises the question, [...]

Building a Brand that is You

For many, branding is a loaded word and not always a positive one.  Why would we need to have our own brand?  Well the truth is that we have one whether we want it [...]

Why Boundaries Matter

We recently led a Balance & Boundaries workshop that was a powerful experience in learning to connect with what matters most and speaking one’s truth.  The biggest lesson is that creating balance and having [...]

Managing Through Challenges

We could all use a break from the headlines and constant barrage of insults, accidents and trauma. SHIFT is happening – that is clear. Mother nature is pissed off, and deep rage is erupting everywhere. Old ways [...]

Aligning Your Values and Actions

Increasingly individuals are seeking authenticity and deeper connection – they want to align their values with their actions.  Can your head follow your heart, instead of ruling over it?  How can we bring our full [...]

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