What makes you unique?

When have you been inspired?

When you consider all the crazy, silly, foolish, exciting and brilliant things you’ve done in your life, what ties them altogether? YOU! You’re a unique and inspiring creative being with a fascinating back-story. I have no doubt that you know things, you’ve been places, you have seen the world and then some.  You probably have many interesting things to share if just given the chance.

I know this because each of us is here for a reason – to share ourselves and bring our insights. We are our own secret sauce. We just don’t always feel so comfortable being ourselves. What if we make other people uncomfortable?  Or they don’t respect or understand our choices? Or what we believe runs completely counter to those we work with or for?  Perhaps we don’t like conflict and would prefer to avoid direct confrontation and discomfort.

We’re so busy trying to be like other people or worrying what “they” (whoever they may be – classmates, peers, family, friends, outsiders) might think about us. How do we compare, stack up, measure?  Are we worthy?

That’s not a helpful frame of reference. I invite you to come back to what YOU care about because that is what’s most meaningful.


My inspiration this week came from 2 recent NYC experiences – first on the subway, then at a conference. I love art and was struck by an interesting poster in my direct line of vision while strap-hanging on a recent train ride. There were a series of Renaissance art paintings that upon closer inspection revealed various dilemmas New Yorkers face around real estate (a constant source of fascination and focus).

I discovered these images were for an ad series, Let the Journey Begin for StreetEasy, an online real estate platform, not a museum. The clever and provocative images used art imagery to illustrate the ongoing challenges of finding, renting or buying real estate in NYC. The smart messages prompted me to check out their site. While I wish I could say the product lived up to the hype (I prefer Zillow), it did prompt me to consider their offering.

Their images were so compelling that I actually took action to see what they had to say.  That is the value of having a unique point of view. It is different, engaging, and can invite people to consider you differently. Then it’s up to you to live up to your promise, but at least you opened the door to more connection.

Then at a sustainability conference, amidst a sea of thoughtful speakers, I was struck in particular by one powerful example.  John Ealer of Cream Productions was wearing a black baseball hat with what looked like a polar bear on it. After wondering why he was wearing a hat inside then a prompt from the panel moderator, he shared that no, in fact the image was of a Baby Mountain Tapir, a soon to be extinct species of which only 500 remain in the world.

John’s panel was on the power of storytelling to create change and boy did he nail it simply and to the point. A single image provoked a conversation that created awareness about a critical climate change issue – the devastating impact on our planet and many species that may become eradicated. He also shared that “it’s not too late” if we take action now.  He chose to convey a message of hope and inspiration, rather than one of desperation and fear, in the face of an overwhelming challenge.

Honest. Genuine. Authentic. Real.

In our AI-generated fake news disinformation age, creativity and authenticity shine through. And you don’t need to be an advertiser with millions of dollars to hire a brilliant agency to get your message across. You just need to be yourself. To take a stand for what you believe in and have a distinct perspective.

To keep showing up, sharing your truth. Possibly making other people uncomfortable if they disagree, and yet giving them ease when they sense how grounded and present in integrity you actually are. If they don’t get you or like you, f*ck em. There are plenty of fish in the sea and many other opportunities that will value the unique skills, experience, humor and perspective that you bring. That’s your audience. Go find them!

The more YOU you can be, the better.

I firmly believe the more we inhabit ourselves and our wholeness, what we care about and value, the more fulfilled we will become. Knowing ourselves fully enables us to connect with others in a deeper way and make the impact we desire. We get to be ourselves and live in greater alignment with what we care about. And as you know, I believe we all deserve more joy and fulfillment!

What inspires you? How can you bring more of your passion and creativity into your work and life? Where might you want to take a stand for something that matters? Commit to taking one action that will bring you closer to what you care about.

Want more fulfillment from your work? Let’s make that happen!  I know it’s possible.  Reach out to explore more.  I’m excited to see more of what you’re ready to share with the world.

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