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Hi, I’m Lenore Kantor, a transformational coach committed to helping high achievers find heart-driven success by being RAW – reimagining their authentic work by uncovering their gifts and stepping into their power.​

I was a hard-driving results-oriented corporate executive who got sh*t done. My tough exterior belied a soft, caring and deeply sensitive interior. While I appeared to be a natural leader at work, my skills were hard won over time as I learned how to say what needed to be said in ways that could be heard. Speaking my real truth – to myself and others – got me into trouble. After being penalized countless times for my honesty and directness, I learned to hold back my truth to fit in, get along and get ahead. Moving up the corporate ranks, just like maintaining peace in my family, required following the rules and playing the game. Non-conformity, creativity or independence weren’t valued or validated.

After 20 years of climbing the corporate ladder, doing battle and achieving all the trappings of success on the outside, my insides rebelled. I could not keep ignoring my internal clues, staying in relationships and jobs that weren’t right for me. The pursuit of appearances – the title, compensation, corner office, prestigious companies, the right partner on paper – ultimately felt shallow. When I ended up on the bathroom floor of my corporate office, my body’s wisdom could not be denied. I realized it was time for a professional and personal change because my spirit was calling out for something more meaningful. ​

We are meant to engage in the creative dance of life, not sit on the sidelines​

My achievements hadn’t aligned with the “real” me that cared about people and making a positive impact in the world. My journey allowed me to reconnect with my creative side and reclaim my intuitive spiritual nature as I released old patterns and prioritized my own opinion. Discovering the truth of who I am, and my gifts let me integrate my whole self. The more I grounded in myself and trusted my ability to follow the opportunities that presented themselves, the more grace and ease ensued. I reclaimed my passions, dancing with life and
going with the flow vs. fighting to win at all costs.

The process of change– to shift from relying only on my brain and intellect to relying on my heart and spirit – was a warrior’s journey. I gradually released years of stress, reconnected with my true values, and discovered my real authentic work (what I call getting RAW).

Learning to align with my truth allowed me to start my own business and create meaningful work and a life that I love. Whether you want to leave your current role or find more depth and power in the one you’re in, I want the same for you.

I believe we naturally find our flow by embracing our authentic self

In our work together, I will guide you through the RAW process to realize what you want to create for yourself based on what truly matters to you, taking into account what you are good at and what lights you up. We will reclaim and uncover the places that hold you back – limiting beliefs, fears or previous bad experiences, so you can reveal more of your truth and create life and work on your own terms.

Together we will unleash your brilliance and shine light on ways you can create more heart-driven success in every aspect of your work and your life by living in alignment with who you really are.

Getting RAW is about reclaiming your superpowers and your inner wisdom to find fulfillment and bringing your full embodied self to everything you do. In the process, you will feel authentic, bold and confident.


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I bring a rare mix of business savvy and personal development expertise to this work. My professional experience includes:

  • More than 20 years as a former Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and corporate executive at leading financial and technology companies
  • Go-to-market expertise designing and launching 100+ products and services
  • Leading marketing and communications and being company spokesperson for 10+ mergers and acquisitions, an IPO and 2 publicly traded companies
  • Mentoring, advising and judging startup ventures for multiple accelerators, incubators and training programs

  • Career advisor and adjunct faculty for Bard’s MBA in Sustainability and part of Columbia’s Career Advisor Network

  • Design thinking training, leadership experience, and an MBA from Columbia Business School
  • Holistic multi-disciplinary certifications from the Empowerment Institute, Radical Aliveness Institute, modern feng shui School of Intention and training as a cacao ceremonialist, in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as tapping) and reiki, among other esoteric modalities.

A few more things to note:
A wide range of traditions have positively impacted my life and influenced my work – from somatic psycho-therapeutic modalities, like Core Energetics to the chakras, feng shui, the natural elements, herbal medicine, Ayurveda, yoga, martial arts, shamanism and the Mayan cosmovision. My mystical nature leads me to respect individual experiences, spirit and the ancient wisdom of esoteric and indigenous
traditions, finding the common elements that can create positive experiences in ways that feel relevant now.

I believe we all operate in a deeply interconnected field and from this place, many things become possible. It is my intention to recognize my impact on others and the earth and honor the many lineages and ancestral traditions that have informed my work.

What Clients Say

“After two decades of moving up the corporate ladder, I had some pretty entrenched feelings about what made me successful. Yet the market had shifted and I needed to reimagine myself. Lenore was instrumental in helping me see what to let go of in order to make room for new opportunities. And she got me there in record time. Eighteen months later I’m working at something I love in a way I’d never imagined myself previously.”

Helaine M, Financial Advisor

“Lenore worked with us on developing a marketing plan to help launch a new robo-advisor into a crowded playing field. Her insights and ideas helped us refine our message and bring clarity to previously vague plan. Through several intense brain-storming white-board sessions, we were able to more accurately identify our target audience and establish a concrete plan to reach our client base. Her insights and focus on core message and brand identity make her a huge asset to firms just starting or, indeed, to those with an established base looking to grow to the next level.”

Nick Underwood, COO, qplum

“Special thanks to my mentor Lenore. Thank you for coming into my life and giving me that extra push to get out of my Comfort Zone by following my creative passion and starting this blog. Your guidance has made such a huge impact on my life.”

Nina De Bos, Founder of De Bos DIY

“Lenore merges together deep healing, and laser brand coaching for the passion-driven entrepreneur. I left excited and lit up to create some new offerings. I had new branding words, service ideas, and clarity about my new mission which was trying to birth out of me but needed the expert listening and tending to of an experienced coach.”

Alison LeBrun, Permission to Play