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Here’s how clients work with us and their experience.

“I was grateful and excited to be thrust into an executive role, but I was also unprepared for the diversity of challenges that came with the opportunity. I have never had so much authority within an organization, so I had never before unpacked my inclination to take other’s responsibilities on as my own; similarly, I have never operated in such a fluid decision-making landscape, which had started to trigger my deep-set anxiety about uncertain futures. Working with Lenore has allowed me to identify these challenges and confront or embrace the impact that they have on me, both professionally and personally.”

Gisela Garrett, Director Of Marketing & Ops, Denham Wolf

“I am living the reality of what I desired, connecting with companies that I adore. I got clarity and alignment and signed my first wellness client and am creating new connections and partnerships. I learned to be seen in my full authenticity and alignment with my truth. I created a reality that works for me that is rooted in my values.”

Lindsay Herr, Founder, Inside/Outside

“I can’t recommend Lenore highly enough to help you realize your professional vision. She is an amazing resource for support, clarity and messaging. Through our work together, I was able to hone-in on what was most important to me in my work and how to leverage my talents so I could move into an executive leadership role that completely aligns with my strengths and interests and values my experience. Lenore was instrumental in helping me cultivate the right mindset and daily practices to stay focused on my goals and was a constant source of guidance and insight as I navigated a change in industries and roles. Her warmth and energy were crucial especially dealing with the natural ups and downs and anxieties of a career change.”

Kelly Wallace, Managing Director, Trailrunner International (Former CNN News Anchor)

“I am grateful to Lenore for helping me make the leap to entrepreneurship. When we first connected, I was figuring out where to go in my career and contemplating whether to return to the corporate world. The moment when Lenore asked me “why don’t you want to move ahead with what you are passionate about?” was life-changing! It helped me take the leap to pursue my love of health and wellness to become a healthy eating coach for Latina women. Lenore helped me to work through all my fears and take action to move through them and I’m happy to say that I launched my business, created my services, went live with my website and social media, AND got 5 clients in just 2 months! Honestly, I didn’t know how to move forward in starting a business, but working with Lenore has given me the confidence, support, and guidance to achieve my goals.”

Naihomy Jerez, Food Guidance and Wellness Coach, Bagels & Brussels

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“I value the strategic support Lenore has given oneZero and me over the past couple of years. She helped oneZero elevate its brand and recognition, and helped me grow as a leader. She also guided me to think about marketing problems differently, which has made me a better professional”

Michael Uttley, EVP, Process and Communications | oneZero Financial Systems

“Lenore helped me to live by my values and brought me back to life after one of the most difficult years. After losing my job I lost
trust in myself and no longer felt like I knew what my strengths were, what I was good at, or what direction I wanted or needed to go. I can confidently say that through my work with Lenore I was able to come out on the other side feeling even stronger and more confident. Her approach makes you feel comfortable and at ease, and in working with her you instantly feel that you have someone who understands you and wants to advocate for you. She saw me for who I was, and she was able to bring light to my strengths, values, and story. She guided me through the areas I was needing some answers for myself, and we did so by exploring both my professional and personal life. If you’re struggling or wanting some clarity, I highly recommend Lenore.

Hannah Marion

“From the start, Lenore’s demeanor and experience made trust and vulnerability easy to step into, which helped me to be honest with not only her but myself as well. In working with her, I discovered my true and unchanging values. I realized barriers that I previously couldn’t face or even identify, giving me clarity about where to focus my personal growth. I identified my unique natural strengths, and practiced leaning into them in difficult situations. Lenore is wise and insightful, with the ability to challenge you while maintaining unwaveringly high levels of kindness and understanding that are truly genuine. She helped me dive deep into my own self and pull out things I didn’t know were there. As a young person, I feel better equipped to maneuver my way through my professional and person lives with the tools Lenore helped me develop. I notice my growth in day-to-day interactions and decisions, now, and I love reflecting on the progress I’ve made with her guidance and support.”

Bethany Michiels, Commercialization Manager, Nutrient Recovery and Upcycling