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GROW BOLDLY! Most big changes require courage and creativity. Are you looking to double revenues, enter new markets, rebrand or pursue a unique path? We can help you get there – faster and smarter. Our expertise is in aligning organizations internally and externally to be authentic, execute effectively and make an impact. We understand what it takes to create positive change.

WARRIORS NEEDED! We want to help you and your organization execute with passion, purpose and ease, confident in your ability to achieve results. We help you know with certainty that you are focusing your resources on the right areas. With 20+ years of corporate and entrepreneurial expertise and insight, we will support you in creating the powerful changes needed to realize your big vision. We partner with you to make your goals happen – by translating your unique strengths into a blueprint for success. Let us support you through proven frameworks that align all the elements needed to produce the results you desire. How do you need to grow?

how we work

Effective growth requires the ability to powerfully integrate and execute new ways of operating that take you to the next level. We help you align your team and strategy to navigate like a speed boat, rather than a cruise ship. We build your leadership foundation – by addressing the inner, outer and interpersonal challenges needed to create the alignment that accelerates positive change.

Our clients are high achievers and change agents – organizations at the leading edge – creating new technologies and business models, entering new markets, introducing new products, repositioning themselves and building more innovative cultures. We work with visionary leaders to achieve their ambitious growth goals, so they can start making an impact at scale. Our thoughtful structured frameworks, deep expertise and intuitive guidance will support you in creating the right culture, mindset, skills, processes, brand and strategies for growth… for your unique needs. By assessing your specific situation and collaborating with your team, we determine how best to accelerate your growth. Be confident in your ability to execute and scale effectively.

About lenore kantor

Lenore Kantor is a growth accelerator. She brings the expertise of a master strategist, branding guru and business advisor together with the fierce compassion and accountability of a performance coach. Her approach is not formulaic, because she believes that one size does not fit all. She applies powerful tools and frameworks developed over years of honing her skills as an executive at leading technology and financial services firms and in starting her own business. Lenore can help you address your biggest challenges uncovering what may be holding you back from growth – both internally and externally. She has the ability to see, communicate and support your future vision, so you know it will become a reality. As she thoughtfully uncovers challenges that may be holding you back, Lenore will guide your transformation by helping you to take effective action. Her experience includes 100+ product launches, marketing for 2 publicly traded companies, 10+ M&A transactions, an IPO and driving 20+% growth per year. Her expertise is also informed by profound inner-work modalities that cut through the surface and get to the heart of what matters – uncovering the deeper truths that will shift your business and outcomes. Lenore regularly keynotes at events, speaks on industry panels, and advises and mentors founders at multiple startup accelerators.

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what clients say

We got a lot of value from our strategy session with Lenore. She was very helpful in enabling the team to get clarity on our value proposition for each of our client segments and develop targeted messaging that effectively conveys our unique offering. Lenore made the most of our time so we were able to accomplish a lot and align the team and our partners around our most important priorities.

Alex Dunegan, CEO, Lumint Corporation

We retained Lenore to work on a strategic product marketing engagement and greatly valued her work. Her solid background enabled her to make an immediate contribution and deliver unique insights that I have rarely found from other marketers.

Alfred Eskandar, CEO, Portware

Our strategy session with Launch Warrior was worth millions in helping us with our value proposition. The session was informative, to the point, and helped us to re-focus on key elements in our brand.

Laurent Delly / Price-Mars Delly, Co-Founders, IdeaCoil

I had the pleasure of working with Lenore on a number of significant business initiatives.  She was instrumental in developing FXall’s strategic messaging, clarifying our values and managing marketing and communications to all our stakeholders for our acquisition of LavaFX, successful IPO on the NYSE and subsequent acquisition by Thomson Reuters.  Lenore is a consummate professional and a highly collaborative partner. I would not hesitate to work with her again or recommend her to anyone looking to differentiate their business from the competition.


Phil Weisberg
Managing Director, Global Head of Foreign Exchange, Thomson Reuters (formerly CEO of FXall)

Lenore worked with us on developing a marketing plan to help launch a new robo-advisor into a crowded playing field. Her insights and ideas helped us refine our message and bring clarity to a previously vague plan. Through several intense brain-storming white-board sessions, we were able to more accurately identify our target audience and establish a concrete plan to reach our client base. Her insights and focus on core message and brand identity make her an huge asset to firms just starting or, indeed, to those with an established base looking to grow to the next level.


Nick Underwood
COO, qplum









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