It’s time to step up!

What’s holding you back?

After some time away from the daily grind, I have been feeling inspired. I also have an increased sense of urgency in supporting more leaders to step it up. We need significant change on so many levels of our society…  to create a more resilient sustainable environment to protect our fragile ecosystems. To embrace diverse perspectives and build harmony amidst increasingly fractured connections and polarized perspectives. To focus on community building rather than destruction and war. To create more equitable opportunities and access to growth. To move beyond power, greed and selfishness for the privileged few as the defining ethos of our times to equity and wellbeing for all.

I’ll gladly take on the mantle of idealism because without hope we can’t have change and major changes are needed to help us and our planet survive. I used to be a cynical person who anticipated the worst having witnessed many less than inspiring behaviors firsthand. Over time I have evolved into a practical optimist if you will. I believe real solutions can be found to solve the challenges that we face through practical approaches, shared vision and collective effort. Just this week, the EU announced the notable achievement of lower CO2 emissions in 2023 than the last 60 years, demonstrating our ability to make the changes needed.


Perhaps you feel inspired to give your life and work more meaning and purpose. To do important work, move innovative projects forward, find greater fulfillment from your career or pursue your calling. There is no time like the present to start taking action on your dreams and vision.

Here are some guidelines to support you.


We need to look at the places that hold us back and clear that sh*t out! All the false beliefs, old stories and heavy baggage we carry with us. It’s weighing us down and blocking us from moving forward. All those reasons we have for not changing how we operate to be more kind to others and the planet. We need to become aware of how our rationalizations and defenses get in the way. Our mind is powerful and tries to protect us, but can also override our bodies and inner wisdom. Let’s not look back at what coulda, shoulda, woulda been when we can be making things happen now.


Awareness is the first step to change. Once we start calling out the ways we may be holding ourselves back, then we can start releasing and healing. Letting go of unhelpful behaviors, patterns and messages that keep us small, stuck in scarcity mode or believing we don’t deserve more. We get to question the status quo and imagine other ways of being. Creating new thoughts about what we want.  Knowing we can make the changes needed. We have to rewrite our stories with new positive and affirming thoughts about what is possible. Doing our inner work prepares us for doing our outer work in the world.


Once we see it, we can be it!  Pushing aside whatever blinds us to our higher truth makes things really interesting. We can now see what is possible with fresh eyes. We have space to get creative and let exciting new possibilities emerge. This is a place of infinite wisdom where we get to re-write the rules and move towards the future we desire. It’s much more effective to build a plan and strategy based on a focused direction than letting things unfold as they will.

What Freedom Feels Like

“Sounds great Lenore, but what does that look like in practice?”

This means reclaiming your power and standing in your truth. Acknowledging what you want and going for it. Not selling your soul out on the corporate hamster wheel just to get ahead. For what purpose? To hawk some product you don’t believe in or care about just for the sake of making a buck. Finding the types of work and organizational culture that are fully aligned with your values. Pushing your organization to adopt progressive policies around resource use because its the right thing to do and making it profitable. Deciding to finally start your own business or find remote work because you want more flexibility in your schedule. Supporting causes or investing in businesses that are aligned with what matters to you..

You get the idea and I’m sure you know what this could look like for you in your ideal world. This is about creating new systems and paradigms that work for you. What does your own version of aligned action look like? Imagine living and working in a way that fully reflects your values. Feeling energized and inspired, rather than stressed and trapped.

Now don’t get me wrong, change isn’t easy. Hell no!  It takes work. Few great or truly meaningful accomplishments ever happen over night. They are often the result of consistent work and showing up over time. This inspiring motivational podcast from Mel Robbins about actor Niecy Nash’s Emmy acceptance speech captures it well. We have to back ourselves in the face of challenges. Niecy shows that perseverance pays off after she was passed over 4 times by the academy.


It may not be easy to break free from the ties that bind us, particularly when many are of our own making.  Yet once we see the ways we’ve been holding ourselves down, it becomes easier to cut loose and find our way forward.

Want a clear path to get from where you are now to where you want to be? Let’s connect! I know you can find more joy, fulfillment and opportunity. Yes, there will be some challenges along the way, but you’re ready to step up and step forward. And it will be worth it! This is your time to shine. We need your light!

I’m here to support you. Let’s stop f*(king around and get to work.  It’s time to do this!

Are you ready?  Reach out to review your goals.  In Freedom February, I’m designing customized coaching packages to support your growth and leadership. Let’s uncover how you can make the changes and impact you desire. I look forward to connecting with you. Let me know how your new year is going so far.

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