Did you ever want to run away?

While I was mostly a good girl as a kid, I do remember one time that I seriously considered packing my bags, telling my parents to f*ck off and running away. Of course, I don’t think I got very far, I did manage to scream that 4 letter curse word at my mom and then was sent to my room by my dad, but that was likely the extent of it. Teenage years and hormones aside, we sometimes reach a breaking point where we feel the need to take drastic action to change our situation.

That urge to leave, quit, throw in the towel is an important signal. Our body is trying to tell us something valuable. Perhaps we can’t keep operating the way we were or we need to make a change. More recently this showed up for me as a surprising realization that I may not want to stay in New York forever as I always imagined I would. Honestly, this awareness came as a major shock to me. Many who meet me think I epitomize a “New Yorker” (Long Island accent included). In fact, one of my cousins told a mutual friend that I was the “New Yorkiest” person he had ever met. I hoped that was a compliment, but am still not sure.

So imagine my utter shock to think that at some point it could be over with me and the city I’d loved for years. While I’m not quite ready to call it quits with New York, I know that whisper has something for me. It’s why I moved out to a more rural country house a few years ago and spend more time there than I ever anticipated and travel to far away lands is beckoning.

What is calling you that you may be ignoring?

Is there some urge, instinct or inkling that’s been nudging you recently (or longer)? A voice that’s longing to be heard and validated? Maybe it’s a subtle unhappiness with your job, relationship, living situation or the desire to change.

This message is coming to invite you to a new level of awareness. I encourage you to:

  • NOTICE: allow this knowing to surface and emerge, rather than ignoring it
  • LISTEN: to what important message is trying to come through
  • REFLECT: on what wisdom it may have for you to consider


Just because you received a powerful insight, does not mean that you must act upon it immediately. In fact, I encourage you not to jump to any conclusions. This is an opportunity for you to JUST BE CURIOUS.

Don’t dismiss your crazy ideas and images as being too farfetched or out there. These are valuable clues to new possibilities. We are being invited to connect more deeply with our inner wisdom and the larger forces of synchronicity. Ignoring the whispers of our soul is at our own peril. Don’t wait for a breakdown to happen before you experience a breakthrough. Use the signs from the universe to guide you.

What is calling you forward? How might you allow this information to move you towards more heart-centered opportunities? How does it feel to become aware of something very new and different from your current experience and expectations?

These are the signs of growth. We are being called to new ways of being.


Let me know what juicy possibilities are bubbling up for you. I’d love to hear about what may be inviting your next level of growth.