Are you focused on the right actions? With so many opportunities, possibilities and ideas to pursue how does one choose? How do you know if you are applying your limited resources of time, money and people to the right activities and investments?

Too often, it’s a bit of a crap shoot. We spend our time on what seems most pressing and urgent, often getting caught up in distractions and wonder where our time went. Has this happened to you? You set aside time to get something done, then 2 hours go by and you realize you haven’t accomplished your priorities. Instead you checked email, Facebook and social media or were interrupted by phone calls, colleagues and other seemingly important tasks.

What if there was another way? What if you could know without a doubt that you are doing the right things at the right times? How valuable would that be to know you are spending your time on the most important priorities? This is where I can help you.

Our time should be spent on our TOP 3, the 3 most important activities that will help us achieve our goals for the shorter term or our vision for the longer term

Once you know where you need to focus your energy, here are some guidelines for planning and identifying what really matters to you so that you can do things that will actually move you forward on your goals.


  • Set aside time to plan and gather your resources together
  • Describe and validate your VISION this is what you hope to create in the future
  • Define your primary objectives and ACTIONS outline what you need to accomplish
  • Define your desired outcome and RESULTS consider how you will know you have been successful
  • Map out the key activities and GROWTH plan set up timelines that prioritize what happens by when
  • GO! Take 1 action or book time in your calendar to make these things happen

We follow this process to help clients focus so they can “Get Sh*t Done!” By choosing a dedicated day or defined period of time without distractions, you can be fully present and focused on developing your strategy and plan..

Strategy sessions are a powerful and efficient way to make progress on your important goals.

You may want to have a separate process for different activities developing your sales and marketing plan, creating a product launch plan, mapping out new processes, creating your communications or content plans are just a few areas. I regularly work with those who are trying to create something new to develop their brand, create their vision and define their values and strengths.

If this is something you would like to learn more about, contact us to arrange your Complimentary Strategy Session, to explore how the process can help you.

Think how great it would feel to be focused on what really matters so you can spend your time on what you care most about. One day and done how awesome is that? I hear your sigh of relief now! Let us help make your planning process a breeze. Contact us now to simplify your planning, so you get back to what you do best.