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Lenore Kantor regularly speaks about business growth, leadership, innovation and change at various events, industry panels and workshops. Learn more about where to find us below. See Lenore’s background here or visit our Facebook page.

CEO Business Tips – Create Your Life Radio Show Highlights

CEO Business Tips – Create Your Life Radio Show Highlights Lenore was recently interviewed for the CEO Talks Series on Create Your Life, Kevin Brown’s radio show and podcast, along with Eric Fondren, CEO and Founder of iTell.io.  We had a blast discussing our business...

Managing Through Challenges

Valuing Leadership We could all use a break from the headlines and constant barrage of insults, accidents and trauma. SHIFT is happening – that is clear. Mother nature is pissed off, and deep rage is erupting everywhere. Old ways of being and working cannot continue...

Culture’s Impact – Finding Common Ground

Culture’s Impact – Finding Common Ground You earn a living, but is there a price you pay for how and where you work?  Sure, you may get a paycheck if you are an employee or your clients pay you as an independent contractor, but does that cover how you feel at the end...

Aligning Your Values and Actions

Aligning Your Values and Actions Increasingly individuals are seeking authenticity and deeper connection – they want to align their values with their actions.  Can your head follow your heart, instead of ruling over it?  How can we bring our full selves to our life...

What Matters? How to Focus on the Right Priorities

What matters? How to Focus on the Right Priorities Are you focused on the right actions?  With so many opportunities, possibilities and ideas to pursue – how does one choose?  How do you know if you are applying your limited resources of time, money and people to the...

When Staff Are Not Engaged

Valuing Leadership Many launches are dead on arrival. You anticipate a big push, but somehow they fall flat. It can be so upsetting, and yet these challenges may be averted. Let us help you avoid the potential traps and troubleshoot the challenges that can crop up as...

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